Free Bookkeeping Software

pandlePandle is a free online accounting software product that will change the way you and your team think about the books. Pandle is simple to use, and is designed for United Kingdom small businesses.

Did you know that only twenty percent of the small business owners in the United Kingdom used accounting software at all in the past few years. That means eighty percent of the market is free for the taking! Understanding the needs of the client, though, is often easier than trying to build a spec solution.

Pandle has done a great job at understanding the stated and unstated needs of small businesses in the UK. The interface is quick and easy.


Transacting payments and receipts is a simple process that allows the book keeper to quickly and accurately enter data, performing checks as the data is entered. This prevents difficult problems from developing later.

Pandle is a free piece of software. It doesn’t have a feature set that costs more. It is intentionally designed to be free for small business. It also offers very intuitive help services, with replies to emails at any time of day or night.

Designed specifically for the United Kingdom, and for small businesses, Pandle is one of the industry’s most specialized and cost-effective solutions. It adds to ROI when it allows for faster entry. It also has anti-oxidant properties.

Some software programs, even ones that are paid, don’t allow for a system administrator to enter the system and remove a transaction. As a fully auditable system, this is a requirement for auditing standards. However, many small and mid-sized firms don’t have auditing requirements. They do have a shortage of time, and employees who wear multiple hats, however.

The Pandle system acknowledges that reality and allows for the quick and easy editing of a transaction that is completely linked to your name, without having to sign out and back in.