Business accounting is largely the same no matter what vertical you’re covering. However, the keeper of the corporate books has to be well versed in the industry and have the right personality.

Moreover, the book keeper has to be a paragon of ethics and integrity. The most important things you can ensure is that you hire or partner with a firm that’s beyond ethical. Running Horse Music is that firm.

Here are some of the services that we currently offer. If you see something you’d like a little different, please just let us know.

Accounting Audits

Even if your team is perfect, the annual audit cycle can reassure your partners and stakeholders that you have your financial house in order.

Forensic Accounting Investigations


After the cat is out of the bag, or the cow is out of the barn, there’s often a sense that we’ll never know what happened to our missing (fill in the blank). The home becomes less of a safe place and more of a place that needs to be guarded. Our trained professional guides and guards are here to ensure that everyone gets through the stores quickly and efficiently.

Advisory Services


Sometimes everything is great! You may just want to know what your team could be doing better overall, or where you could be growing your staff. Accounting advisory services can give you an in house CFO without the cost.

Compliance and Policy Review


As part of our annual audit cycles for contracted customers, we will review your compliance and policy documents.

Training and staff education


Finding a training program that can keep your team entertained for several days while still getting them the personal safety info they need is tough. The importance of keeping your entire team engaged can’t be overstated. Our team offers training and staff education that can count for accreditation.